In Memory of Rascal

I’ve had nightmares about this day. It is the thing pet owners dread the most, and pray will never happen. My beloved cat, Rascal, was killed last Tuesday. Without a doubt, this has been the worst week of my life. I truly don’t know if I would have survived without the support of my wonderful family. Some people do not understand what it is to lose a pet. To them, a cat is “just a cat”; a dog is “just a dog.” To the pet lover, they are family members, just as loved as their human counterparts.

My darling Rascal was only with me a little over a year, but during that blessed year, not a single day passed where he did not bring a smile to my face, laughter to my lips, and joy to my heart. Of how many humans can we say the same?


Rascal posing by the Christmas tree


He was my little buddy. Whenever I was having a bad day, he was there for me. Without him here, it feels as if all the color has drained from the world. My apartment, the back yard, my life, all feel so empty without him here. Where there should be my fur baby waiting in the driveway for me to get home, there is emptiness. Where there should be a flurry of Rascal chasing me down the drive and begging for food and treats, there is stillness. Where there should be his contented purr as he cuddled with his humans, there is silence.

Coming home has been worst. While away, I can pretend he is waiting for me, just like always. Just like he should be.  When home, I am forced to face the reality that he is not here. He never will be here again. Never again will I cuddle Rascal. Never hear his purr. Never see his beautiful little face.


 I won’t say I will never love another cat. To do so in a world filled with animals needing loving homes would be unthinkably cruel. We have others, two of Rascal’s siblings, in fact. However, just like children, animals are unique individuals. One does not replace another. Rascal was one of a kind. He was special, and he made those around him feel special. I will never forget him (nor would I want to). He will always hold a special place in my heart. He will always be my little Rascal.

In Memory


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