Books about Mourning a Pet

While dealing with the loss of Rascal, I have received a few books and recommendations on reading material, in addition to books I have read to cope with past losses. I know there are varying opinions on whether our pets will be in heaven, but I hope that these books will at least bring comfort to someone, as they have me.

Cold Noses at the Pearly Gates by Gary Kurz

This has been a comfort to read. While nothing can erase the pain of losing a beloved pet, Mr. Kurt gives us hope that we will see our pets again in heaven, using Bible verses to back up his arguments. My favorite feature of this book is the 30-day devotional, featuring verses and words of encouragement to get one through the first month of grieving.

Cold Noses At The Pearly Gates


Wagging Tails in Heaven by Gary Kurz

This is the sequel to the above book. I haven’t actually started on this one yet, but it is on my “next-up” list.

Wagging Tails In Heaven: The Gift Of Our Pets Everlasting Love


I Will See You in Heaven by Friar Jack Wintz

I read this book a few years ago during the loss of another pet (my ten-year old African Dwarf frog, George). This book is written more from the Roman Catholic perspective, as opposed to Gary Kurz’s writings, which is more from a Protestant background. Regardless, I found this short book to be a great comfort. It is short enough to finish in one sitting, and its beautiful cover makes it a great gift to a friend who is facing a loss.

I Will See You in Heaven


Again, I would not wish for anyone to have to endure the pain of losing a pet. This has been one of the most horrible times of my life. However, for those who are suffering, I hope that you can find some comfort in one of these books.




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