10 Ways to Stay Creative

It happens. We get in a rut and our world goes from vibrant to dull. What do you do to spark your inner flame? How do you find your way back to that magical world where ideas float through the air like butterflies? Here are ten ways I get back on track when my creative spark fizzles out:

  1. Spend time with nature.
  2. Burn candles or incense.
  3. Exercise (walking and yoga are my favs!)
  4. Listen to your favorite music (Blackmore’s Night and Loreena McKennitt always spark my creative fire!)
  5. Visit an art gallery.
  6. Color! Adult coloring books are all the rage now!
  7. Meditate/ Be Mindful.
  8. Learn something new (anything from documentaries to how-to videos on Youtube).
  9. Spa Day! Sometimes you just need a bit of self-care to get back on track.
  10. Loosen up. You don’t have to write an award-winning novel today. Sometimes I find myself putting unnecessary pressure on myself, resulting in the dreaded writer’s block.


This list is by no means all-inclusive. Feel free to leave your creativity-boosting tips in the comments below.

10 Ways to be Creative



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